Effect of Several Factors on Rooting of Kiwi (Actinidia chinensis)  Wooden Cuttings Using Plant Growth Regulators

Imad Bilal*(1) and Fadel Al-Kaiem(1)

(1). Latakia Agricultural Research Center, General Commission for Scientific                                      Agricultural Research (GCSAR), Damascus, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Dr. Imad Bilal. E-Mail: imad-b@arabscientist.org).

Received: 12/09/2017                       Accepted: 27/03/2018


A study on the propagation of female kiwi trees (Hayward variety) by wooden cuttings, using plant growth regulators, was conducted at Latakia Agricultural Research Centre during the seasons 2009, 2011 and 2012. Two dates for collecting cuttings (January and February) from kiwi trees which were selected. On each date, the cuttings were divided into three groups according to cutting location on the shoot (basal, middle and apical). The NAA and IBA growth regulators were applied at several concentrations, in addition to two treatments of the mixture of both growth regulators. The cuttings were planted in the glasshouse for 60 days under spray irrigation conditions. The effect of cutting collection date, cutting position on shoot, and type and concentration of hormones were studied on: Number of rooted cuttings, total number of roots, average root weight and volume, and average canopy weight and volume. The results showed that February surpassed significantly January as a date of collection, also, the cuttings that were taken from the middle and apical shoots surpassed significantly the basal ones. As for the growth regulators, NAA treatment at concentration 5000 ppm was the best, giving an average of (22.31 root/cutting), versus the value of the control was (3.6 root/cutting), while the average weight was (38.18) g/cutting, and the control value was (3.8) g, but the volume was (39.67 cm3), and the control value was (5.9 cm3). IBA treatment at concentration 6000 ppm was significant only for rooting which achieved up to 78%, and the control (28%). NAA treatment at a concentration of 5000 ppm gave rooting by 66%.
Keywords: Kiwi (actinidia chinensis ), Rooting, Plant growth regulators.

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