Vol 3 – Issue 1 – June 2016

Current Status of Powdery Mildews Diseases on Cucurbits in  The Northeast of Syria
Alan  Ramo, Omran Youssef and Sultan Shekhmus

Molecular Study of Pear Psylla Cacopsylla spp. (Psyllidae:  Hemiptera) in Middle and Southern Regions of Syria
Bassam Oudeh, Wajih Kassis
and Randa Abu-Tara

The Effect of Wild Boars on Agricultural Crops and Their Control in Salfit Governorate in Palestine
Hazem Sawalh, Nasreen Tarsha, Anan Hussein, Imad Abu Al-Hassan

Study Population Dynamic of Citrus Rust Mite Phyllocoptruta oleivora (Ashmead) (Acari: Eriophidae), and Test the Effect of Some Acaricides for Control and Record New Natural Enemy in Syrian Coast
Rafeek Abboud, Majeda Mofleh, Raeed Sbaih, and Mohamad Ahmad

Preliminary Survey of Some Causal Agents of Tomato Stem Rot and Pith Necrosis in Greenhouses of the Coastal Region in Syria
Abd Al-lateef Al-Ghazzawi, Mahmood Abu Ghoura, Nabil Al-Beig, and Ragda Al-Baghdadi

Toxicity Estimation of Dimethoate Insecticide on Sf9 Insect Cell Line in Vitro
Manal Saleh, Jamal Hajjar and Abdul kader Rahmo

Evaluation and Selection of Wild Olive (Olea sylvestris) Phenotypes Spread in Hama Governorate, Syria
Reem Abdelhamid

Heterosis for Seed Yield and its Components Seed Characters and its Quality of Squash Cucurbita pepo, L
Abdulmohsen Khaleel Murie, Mohammad Yahya Muaalla, Mitiadi George Burass, Bollous Khouri and Antoen Antoen

Diseases Survey of Pure and Hybrid (1/2 Mountain, 1/2 Shami) Mountain Goats at Aura Goats Research Station, Syria
Abdul Naser Al-Omar,
Huseen Alsulaiman, Mohamed Zuheir Salam and Ayman Debba
The Effect of Supplementing Saccharomyces cerevisiae Live Yeast on Milk Production and Body Weight of Awassi Sheep
Mansur M Ahmad, Muhannad Muna,
Abdu Allah Nouh, Osman Kahel, Faesal Hanafi and  Mohammad Toama
Histological Study of Testicular Structure in Growing Syrian Buffalo Males

Nader Drbas, and Solieman Salhab

Economic Comparison Between Autumn and Summer Sowing of Sugar Beet in Al Raqqa Governorate, Syria
Smaan Al Atwan, Entessar Al-Jbawi, Eyad Al-khaled and Alaa Jaafar

Econometrical Estimate of Cost and Production Functions of NonIrrigated Apple in Suwayda Government, Syria
Alaa Al Zagout, Safwan Abo Assaf Amgad Badr and Yehya Sharaf

The Role of Women in Improving the Added Value of Dairy Products in Sweida Province of Syria
Kenan Fawaz kamal Aldeen

Estimation of Daily Intake of Lead and Cadmium from Chicken Luncheon Meat Consumed in Damascus
Abdulkarim Husen

The Contribution of Some Physiological Traits of Durum Wheat Crop in the Tolerance Improvement of Water Deficit Stress
Abdelrazzak Asaud, Maamoun Khaity and Ahmad Haj Suleiman

Correlation and Path Coefficients Analysis between Yield Components in some Wheat Genotypes
Nabeel Awad Hassan, Maysoun Saleh and Nader Ibraheem Alkaraki

Early Detection of Brown Rust (Leaf Rust) Puccinia recondita in Wheat Plant Using Remote Sensing Techniques
Eyad Ahmad Al-khaled, Basel Al-kai and Asmaa Makdah

Inflence of Some Iron Compounds in the correction of Iron Deficiency in Grape Trees, Helwani cultivar
Badr AL-deen Jalab and Mohammad Yahia Al-Saied Al-Sallom

The Effect of Bio-Fertilization With Azotobacter Spp and Different Rates of Urea Fertilizer on the Growth of Barely
Merfat T. Ben Mahmud and Eman A. Elferjani

The Effect of Boron Fertilizer Application Method and Level on the Production and Quality Traits of Two Sugar Beet Varieties
Hyam Al Numan, Entessasr Al Jbawi, Thamer Al Huniesh, Ziad Al Ibrahim, Zuhair Al Jasem, Nahla Al Mahmoud and Ahmad Al Abdallah

Effect of Slaked Lime Concentrations on Sugar Beet Roots in Storage
Hussien Al Zubi, Entessar Al Jbawi, Thamer Al Huniesh, Sameer Al Jeddawi, Hussien Jdid, Gaidaa Aliesha, Radwan Radwan, Mohammad Khair Tahla, Raafat Ismaiel and Hassan Azzam

Effect of Repeated Inoculation with Increasing Inoculu Rates of Bradyrhizobium japonicum on Biological Nitrogen Fixation of Soybean
Mussaddak Janat, Mohsen Makhlouf and Muhhamad Manhal Alzoubi

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