Editorial Board

Editor in Chief: Dr. Magda Mohammed MOFLEH      Plant Protection/Entomology

Co-editor in Chief: Dr. Entessar AL JBAWI             Plant Breeding and Biometrics

Editorial Board

Dr. Bahaa AL RAHBAN Plant Protection/Pesticide
Dr. QAIS SULTAN Remote Sensing, GIS, and Soil Survey
Dr. Hanaa HASAN Plant Protection/Virology
Dr. Wassim MOHSEN Biotechnology/Tissue Culture
Dr. Muhannad MONA Animal Production/Feeding
Dr. Abd Al Lattif ALI Animal Production/Fish
Dr. Rashid AL SIED OMAR Horticulture
Dr. Mahmoud Moalla IBRAHIM Genetic/Genetic Engineering
Dr. Ibrahim ABDALLAH Economic Studies/Standard Economy and Statistical Analysis
Dr. Mazen RAGAB Biotechnology/Botanic
Dr. Ali YASEN ALI Plant Protection/Insect Pathogenes 
Dr. Mageda AL RWILI Plant breeding/Physiology
Dr.Yousef WJHANI Biotechnology/Genetic Resources
Dr. Sultan AL YEHYA Plant Breeding/Wheat
Dr. Wassim ADLA Manuring and Soil Fertility/plant Nutrition and Organic Agriculture
Dr. Mazen AL BOODY Plant Protection/Nematode
Dr. Ola Al HALABI Horticulture/Genetic Improvement
Dr. Mahran ZEITY Plant Protection/Acarus Classification
Editorial Assistant:
Eng. Nora QADRI
 Formatting & Designing:
Eng. Mohamad MARDINY

International Editorial Board

Dr. Adam Vinaman YAOPlant Protection/Bacteriology.                   Côte d’Ivoire

Dr. Nidhi NAGABHATLA Water Management and Environment    United Nations University, Institute for Water, Environment, and Health (UNU-INWEH).                                          Canada 
Dr. Abazar RAJABI Plant Breeding and Genetics.                 Plant Breeding Department, Sugar Beet Seed Institute (SBSI), Karaj.                     Iran
Dr. Jiban SHRESTHA Plant Breeding and Genetic             Nepal Agricultural Research Council,National Maize Research Program.                                             Nepal
Dr. Ahmad AL REFAIE Food Technology                               Faculty of Agriculture,Al Mansoura University.                                             Egypt
Dr. Darwish Saleh DARWISH Plant Breeding and Agronomy/Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University.                                          Egypt
Dr. Ahmad AL SAOUD Plant Protection/Insect.                    Freelance consultant.                                  United Arab Emirates
Dr. Shamaail SAEWAN Food Science.                                    Faculty of Agriculture, Basra University.  Iraq
Dr. Ammar ALTEMIMI Thermal processing and food safety/Natural products                                                 Basra University, Iraq
Dr. Adam Vinaman YAO Plant Protection/Bacteriology.                   Côte d’Ivoire
Dr. Mahmoud Abd El-Samie Mohamed ALI Plant protection/Entomology and Apiculture Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
Dr. Aidin HAMIDI Plant Breeding and Agronomy/Karaj.                   Iran