Editorial Board

Editor in Chief: Dr. Majeda Mohammed MOFLEH      Plant Protection/Entomology

Co-editor in Chief: Dr. Entessar AL JBAWI             Plant Breeding and Biometrics

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Abd El-Wahab MURIE Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University
Prof. Dr. Subhi MONA Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Aleppo University
Prof. Dr. Georges MAKHOUL Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Tishreen University
Prof. Dr. Ahmad MUHANNA Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Al Baath University
Prof. Dr. Maad NAGGAR Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Hama University
Prof. Dr. Amer Majeed AGA Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Al Furat University
Dr. Bahaa AL RAHBAN Plant Protection Sciences
Dr. Muwafak JBOUR Horticulture Sciences
Dr. Muhammad Manhal Al ZUBI Soil and Water Sciences
Dr. Jala ABBOUD Field Crops Sciences
Dr. Afaf MASMAS Food Sciences
Dr. Fayez AL MOKDAD Economic Studies Sciences
Dr. Muhammad SALHAB Animal Production Sciences

International Editorial Board

Dr. Nidhi NAGABHATLA Water Management and Environment    United Nations University, Institute for Water, Environment, and Health (UNU-INWEH).                                          Canada 
Dr. Abazar RAJABI Plant Breeding and Genetics.                 Plant Breeding Department, Sugar Beet Seed Institute (SBSI), Karaj.                     Iran
Dr. Jiban SHRESTHA Plant Breeding and Genetic             Nepal Agricultural Research Council,National Maize Research Program.                                             Nepal
Dr. Darwish Saleh DARWISH Plant Breeding and Agronomy/Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University.                                          Egypt
Dr. Ahmad AL SAOUD Plant Protection/Insect.                    Freelance consultant.                                  United Arab Emirates
Dr. Shamaail SAEWAN Food Science.                                    Faculty of Agriculture, Basra University.  Iraq
Dr. Adam Vinaman YAO Plant Protection/Bacteriology.                   Côte d’Ivoire
Dr. Mahmoud Abd El-Samie Mohamed ALI Plant protection/Entomology and Apiculture Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
Dr. Aidin HAMIDI Plant Breeding and Agronomy/Karaj.                   Iran
Dr. Nihad Abdulateef  Ali KADHIM  Avian physiology, Animal Production, Al Qasim Green University, Iraq
Dr. Ali Mohammed  RAJA  Soil conservation, Desert Studies Center, Anbar University, Iraq
Dr. Mahfouz AL_BACHIR Food irradiation, Organization of Atomic Energy, Syria
Dr. Messaoudi MOHAMMED Economic, University of Hamma Lakhdher, Algeria
Dr. Shekhmous HUSSEN Poultry Breeding & Genetics, Duhok University, KR-Iraq
Dr. Abdulbasit IBRAHIM Horticulture, Palm Physiology, Sultanate of Oman
Dr. Mu’ad Abdu-Latif KIYYAM Horticulture, Field Crops and Plant tissue culture, Jerash University, Jordan

International Reviewers

Dr. Abdul Mageed Abdullah ALI                   Food Science and Technology, Sana’a 

                                                                       University, Yemen.

Dr. Mohammed Salem ALTARAWNEH        Agricultural Economics and                                                                                           Extension, Jerash University, Jordan.

Dr. Awadallah Belal DAFAALLAH               Crop Protection (Weed Science),                                                                                     Gezira University, Sudan 

Dr.  Khlid AL_SALHIE                               Avian physiology,                                                                                                             Basrah University, Iraq.

Dr. Merfat Taher Ben Mahmoud              Soil and Water Science,                                                                                                   Tripoly University, Libya.

Dr. Hazem Diab Aref Sawalha                  Molecular Virology,                                                                                                           Arab American University, Palestine.