Study the Prevalence of Endoparasites Infections in Two Production Lines (Milk, Meat) of Awassi Sheep in Salameia Research Center, Syria

AbdulNaser Al-Omar)1(*, Morshid Kassouha)2(, Mohamed Zuheir and Salam)3(, Mai Almaghout )4(

General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GSCAR), Hama Research Center –Syria.

 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hama University, Hama, Syria.

 (GSCAR), Animal wealth department. Damascus -Syria.

(GSCAR), Salameia Research Center-Syria.      

(* Corresponding author: Email:

Received: 09/07/2020                                              Accepted: 02/08/2020


This research was carried out in  two production lines (milk, meat) of Awassi sheep at Salameia Research Center in the year of 2014 to diagnose the Prevalence the infection of some internal  parasites which affect negatively health and production. 216 dung samples were collected from the two production lines (108 samples for each line) and laboratory parasitic tests were done in faculty of veterinary medicine of Hama by means of Flotation, Sedimentation, Baermann-Wetzel Tests. Results showed that the infection ratio with gastro –intestinal amounted 87.03% and infection was often intermixed. the infection ratio with nematodes amounted 42.59% and 44.44% in milk and meat lines respectively. Marshallagia eggs infection were diagnosed at high ratio which amounted 25.92% and 22.22% of tested samples for both of milk and meat lines respectively. Nematodirus eggs infection amounted 1.85% in equal ratio for both production and lines. Trichuris eggs infection amounted 7.4% and 5.55% of tested samples for milk and meat lines respectively. Moniezia infection amounted 7.4% and 12.96% of tested samples for milk and meat lines respectively. Eimeria –oocysts infection amounted 85.18% and 88.88% in milk and meat lines respectively. There were no significant differences for all kinds of infections with diagnosed internal parasites. Necessity requires continuation in application precautionary and remedial procedures in order to cut life circle of these parasites that are considered to be one of the most important means to decrease their Prevalence.

Key Words: EndoparasitesInfections, Flotation test, Awassi sheep.

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